Our Story


Our story is simple. We started as a children’s clothing shop offering beautiful and unusual items.
Our passion had always been textiles from varied cultures rich in colour and design and our shop Sprouts reflected that.


The shop’s eclectic range of hand-crafted clothes included jumpers knitted by
Andean villagers, beautiful blankets from Zimbabwe and felt shoes made locally by newly arrived Afghani women.
Alongside the Sprouts range, which I designed on the premises, I stocked a small collection of other local Australian designs.


For centuries people have come together to knit, sew, quilt and weave, sharing a creative journey and a community spirit.
With such a passion for all things hand crafted I wanted to create a space for local people to learn these skills.
The first sewing classes started in the shop during the evenings of April 2009.
Soon it became obvious that a permanent space was needed and in January 2010 the Bronte Sewing Room was opened.
The shop made way for a bright, contemporary environment for classes.


We now have a great team of enthusiastic teachers with experience in pattern making,
design and construction of garments, textile design, costume design and soft furnishing and much more.
They each share their unique experiences and techniques with the
students to inspire, encourage and teach.✄