Not only did i make a fabulous pair of PJs – I also met a fantastic group of people, learnt lots of handy tips and tricks and laughed like a drain! It’s the cool and modern equivalent of the WI, headed up by one seriously inspirational lady – Colette Reynolds.
Lara Wilkins


I was lucky enough to land a spot in one of the early sewing classes. Both Collette and Randa proved to be excellent teachers and very patient to boot. We had a lot of fun whirring away on our machines and chatting about all manner of things. I really didn’t believe I could complete a dress in the 6 weeks but with a bit of help and their expert instruction I did. I highly recommend the sewing course and am very keen to return for the crochet course as soon as I can. Happy sewing.

Lisa Murdoch


I had always done sewing at home with mum, but I wanted to learn more. I wanted the chance to learn the techniques from experts. The sewing teachers were fantastic and taught me so much. I got great advice on things from textiles to trying new colours. I learnt so much and can’t wait to do more classess. Thank you Collette and the team at Bronte sewing room ….you ROCK!

Reenie Condoleon (10yrs old)


Thank you to Colette & Randa and all the wonderful teachers who taught me to sew which then truly added to what i could offer as a stylist every week. Thank you for such a priceless gift, all your patience and for the many “ ah- HA” moments you all so generously supplied. I do already miss the classes filled with chats, giggles, big encouragement, and of course lovely biscuits and tea. Thank you..

Kristine Duran-Thiessen


Sewing class is the one time in the week that i can do something i love without worrying that i have something else to do. its my favourite time of the week. Big smile

Ruby Powell-Hughes (16yrs)

I first came to the Bronte Sewing Room as a real beginner nearly a year ago. The only sewing experience I had was in year 7, and most of that time was spent sitting outside the classroom. I made a dress that was horrible in everyway and the horror of which is burned into my memory. So, with daughters eager to make things, a mother in law who made all her own clothes and fed her family by sewing on occasion, I knocked on the door of the Bronte Sewing Room. After I got to know how to work a sewing machine, sew on a button (there are tricks to that let me tell you) and understand the uses of different fabrics I joined the intermediate group. I’ve made trousers and dresses for myself and lots of things for my children and partner. Not everything I’ve made has been easy, but with Colette and the other teachers I’ve learned techniques and rules to follow and a few rules to break. I’ve got enormous joy from the classes and can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. It is taken for granted that I won’t be home on a Monday night as it’s my sewing night and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Lisa Kitching



The Beginners Prep is great for absolute beginners or someone like me who taught themselves to sew but picked up some very bad habits along the way. The classes are fun, structured well and have amazing instructors. I definitely recommend The Bronte Sewing Room!

Sam – Bronte


When I first approached Colette about sewing classes I wasn’t sure it was for me – after all I had been sewing for more than 20 years, on and off. How wrong I was! I learn something new every class and I now have the opportunity to take my skills to a higher level and attempt all the projects that I would avoid on my own. It has also given me the opportunity to meet local people who share an interest in sewing so I no longer bore my (non-sewing) friends with tales of my latest projects! Colette and her team assist us with their vast crafty knowledge and make us feel so comfortable that we feel like a little family. Here, here to the Bronte Sewing Room. Thanks so much Colette!

Laurie Ingleton